About the PTA

Fairmont Elementary PTA Mission Statement

The mission of the Fairmont Elementary PTA is to build a positive and connected community among our students, teachers, school staff and caregivers. In cooperation with our school administration, we work to bridge the gap, providing volunteer and financial support for programs that enrich our diverse student population and better their educational and emotional outcomes.

How the PTA Helps

The Fairmont PTA works hard to improve the school for every student and family. With the cooperation of teachers, staff, and families, PTA volunteers work tirelessly to ensure a safe, inclusive, and welcoming learning environment for all students and families. We rely on the support of our school community to do the work we do.

The PTA provides financial support to boost educational programs, builds community by bringing families together for healthy and fun special events, and we work to improve school climate through arts & enrichment, and volunteering on campus where help is needed.

Financial Support

Building Community

Improving School Climate

Statement on Racial Justice

Fairmont Elementary PTA stands for racial justice, equality, and supports Black Lives Matter. As we stand today in an historic Black-justice movement, the Fairmont PTA has thought about how, in these uncertain times, our goals and actions can bring us together, move us forward, and support our students to be anti-racist.

We as a PTA are committed to helping prepare our students to work toward racial justice by:

The Fairmont PTA stands in support of the African American community and Black Lives Matter. As a PTA we are making a stronger commitment to A.A. students and families, by providing resources and advocacy. In this effort, we will collaborate with campus groups such as the Fairmont’s African American Parents Advisory Council (AAPAC), outside interest/groups who have expertise, and also those who are passionate about making a difference toward improving racial equity and racial justice. Our hope is that through this commitment we will better serve our Fairmont community as a whole.

Get to know us!

Meet your 2023-2024 School Year PTA Board Members

Nissa Brehmer



Nissa is passionate about supporting art and music in schools - which is what led her to the PTA serving as the Arts Education Chair for the 2021-22 school year. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Nissa has been in the bay area for 16 years and is totally in love with El Cerrito. Her son is a second grader at Fairmont, and she looks forward to contributing to the school community. 

Mande Glueck



Mande is a CA native with a 1st grader at Fairmont Elementary School.  She joined the PTA this year, after volunteering on campus last year. Mande is very interested in building positive community culture at school and within our community at large. Mande is happy to become part of a fantastic PTA, and ready to help where needed. If you want to be involved in the PTA and have a bit of time - join in the fun! 

Kelly gould

Kelly Gould


Co-Volunteer Coordinator

Kelly has been on the PTA Board for four years, first serving as the Vice President, PTA President, and now Co-Volunteer Coordinator along with Janis Chung. She has a 4th grade son and a 6th grade daughter at Fairmont Elementary. Building community while centering equity for our families has always been a goal for Kelly and is a central goal for Fairmont's PTA—and we need your voice to help make that happen!

Janis Chun


Co-Volunteer Coordinator

Janis has two kids, a 1st grader and 2-year-old. Originally from Hawaii, she was part of a military family that took her on all kinds of adventures growing up. She moved to the Bay Area for college and never wants to leave. This year is her first year on the PTA Board, and she's passionate about keeping families informed, connected, and involved!

Kris Ku



I am presently a stay at home mom of three kids - 2 attending Fairmont as grade-schoolers. I’m passionate about volunteerism, educational equity and equality, and engaging children with informal learning opportunities. My goal is to serve to the Fairmont community, whilst teaching my own children by example the joy and value of volunteering. My prior experience includes both administrative and public engagement roles within various environmental non-profits, plus data and lab work in a biology-based research setting. I have a bachelor’s in conservation biology, plus an extensive history of numerous, long-sustained volunteer positions. I look forward to the privilege and delight of serving Fairmont, my children, my community.

Nico Gamache-Kocol

Nico Gamache-Kocol


Vice President

Nico is serving her second year on the PTA Board. She's California born & raised and has lived in the Bay Area for 14 years. Nico has two kids; her older son graduated from Albany High class of 2017 and her little guy is currently a Fairmont 2nd grader. Nico is committed to building a welcoming and safe school climate for all students at Fairmont and encourages parents and caregivers to reach out with ideas, questions, and just to say "hi" and build community! 

Maria Martinez



Maria is the mom of 3 kids -- first grade, Kindergarten, and incoming TK. she has been an active parent-volunteer at school events and in the classroom. She has an accounting background and is ready to step into the role of auditor!

Faaria Vahidy



I am a mom of 2, a first grader and a fifth grader. I also work full time as a customer service manager at a local bank. This is my first year on the PTA Board and I am excited to get to be a part of the Fairmont community and help make positive things happen at our kids’ elementary school!

Adam Russell



I am originally from Massachusetts with stops in New York, Minnesota, and Southern California before moving to the Bay Area in 2012. My family and I have lived in El Cerrito since 2015. I currently work as an actuarial analyst for a major medical practice insurance carrier. I am actively looking to transition into project management based on volunteer roles I have taken within my organization as part of its developing customer experience initiative. I am on the Board of the Pepperdine University alumni where I received my MBA and on the Board of El Cerrito Youth Baseball where I have also coached my son’s team the past two seasons. I have volunteered at places such as a homeless shelter in Los Angeles and the literacy center run by the city of Richmond. In 2012 I started a Microsoft Excel consulting business. I have consulted with local businesses, performed freelance Excel services, and taught adult workshops. What I find most rewarding in all these experiences is the relationships that you build and the sense of accomplishment in making a difference in other peoples' lives. When I make time for myself, I love to read about a variety of topics and run on the trails all over the Bay Area.

Lucas Menanix


I am the dad of two awesome kiddos, Zoella (First Grade) and Ira (Preschool), and I love being part of the diverse Fairmont community. I am passionate about helping our school continue to bring improvements that help all students achieve. I am Secretary of our School Site Council (SSC), which has given me a great perspective into school funding, further highlighting the importance of fundraising to fuel intervention programs, art enrichment, parent engagement, and community building. When I'm not building LEGOs with the kids, I'm leading projects as an engineering consultant and helping clients solve challenging problems with data and creativity. As Fundraising Chair, I plan to bring a community-minded approach to events that serve our entire Fairmont family and highlight the strength in our diversity!

Could this be you?

Ask us how you can become involved in the PTA! We welcome all parents/guardians/community members, and teachers to participate, share ideas, and help us create a safe school environment for all Fairmont students and families. 

Email us for more information: pta@fairmontschool.org

Meeting Information

The PTA Board meets once a month and hosts an open general meeting once a month.  You do not need to be a PTA member to attend general meetings. We would love to see all of you attend! 

PTA Board Meetings

PTA Board meetings are limited to Board participation. They are held during the first or second week of each month at 7:00 PM. Meetings are currently being held on Zoom.

August 2023 Board Meeting -- Agenda

September 2023 Board Meeting -- Agenda

October 2023 Board Meeting -- Agenda

November 2023 Board Meeting -- Agenda

December 2023 Board Meeting -- Agenda

January 2024 Board Meeting -- Agenda

February 2024 Board Meeting -- Agenda

March 2024 Board Meeting -- Agenda

April 2024 Board Meeting -- Agenda

May 2024 Board Meeting -- Agenda

June 2024 Board Meeting -- Agenda

PTA General Meetings

PTA General meetings are open to all. They are held on the 3rd or 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM.  The meetings listed in BOLD are hosted in-person in the Fairmont MPR (and simulcast on Zoom); other meetings are fully remote on Zoom.  

August 2023 General Meeting -- Agenda

September 2023 General Meeting -- Agenda

October 19th 2023 General Meeting -- Agenda

November 16th 2023 General Meeting  -- Agenda

December 14th 2023 General Meeting -- Agenda

January 18th 2024 General Meeting -- Agenda

February 22nd 2024 General Meeting -- Agenda

March 21st 2024 General Meeting -- Agenda

April 25th 2024 General Meeting (BOARD ELECTIONS) -- Agenda

May 23rd 2024 General Meeting -- Agenda

Ways to Get Involved

While it is not necessary to become a member to participate in our regular PTA meetings or to volunteer and help support the school, we do encourage membership as the donations we receive from our members help us to support our Fairmont students, teachers, staff, and enrichment programs. As a member, you will also have the opportunity to vote on PTA agenda items and annual budget. Membership is $20 per member per school year.

To become a member, please click here.

There are a variety of ways to participate in your child's experience at Fairmont. Click here to learn more.