Families New to Fairmont

For questions about registration and enrollment, please contact the Fairmont office by phone or email Principal Best.

Fairmont Elementary

724 Kearney St., El Cerrito, CA 94530

Main office phone: 510-231-1448

Heather Best, Principal: hbest@wccusd.net

Registration date will be announced by the district soon!

  • Register at www.wccusd.net for the 2023-2024 school year which will begin in August 2023 (registration typically opens in mid-January)

  • Required documents

    1. Age Verification: (one of these) birth certificate, baptismal record, or passport

    2. Immunization Record

    3. Proof of address (two)

      • First document can be: PG&E, EBMUD, Garbage bill, lease agreement

      • Second proof can be: Bank statement, car insurance combined with car registration, credit card bill

    4. Parent ID

All documents need to be submitted to complete registration. If you are missing documents, you will not be able to secure a spot. Please submit documents by uploading them during the application process.

Transitional Kindergarten students must turn 5 between September 2, 2022 and February 2, 2023. Families who wish to enroll their child in Transitional Kindergarten online can do so by selecting 'K' or 'Kinder' in the online application. View the TK school chart to find your school of residence.

Registration tips

  • If you are having trouble uploading your documents during the application process, please take a CLEAR/FULL (actual size) picture of the documents and call or email Fairmont for information on how to send them by email.

  • Please do not call the office asking if your child has a space. Enrollment time is extremely busy for school staff and they will not be able to tell you what number your child is on the list.

  • The Fairmont office staff will send an email to let you know if your child has a space or not in the couple of weeks following enrollment.

  • Please make sure the email you are registering with is one you check regularly, both Fairmont and the district send out all information to those email addresses.

  • Do not come to the office to bring documents, please be sure to upload them or email them to the emails provided above.

How to stay in touch with the PTA and other Fairmont Families