PTA Board Elections

Join us Wednesday, May 25 at 7:00 PM for our last PTA General Meeting

Nominations for the 2022-23 School Year:

For the 2022-23 school year the only position we're required to fill is PTA President. Along with a nomination for President below, we're pleased to also introduce nominees for Parliamentarian, Fundraising Chair, Co-Treasurer, and Co-Volunteer Coordinators. Before we begin, we'd like to make a call for anyone present who is a current PTA member to voice any additional nominees.

Mande Glueck, she/her: Parliamentarian

Statement: I am a 5th generation Californian, and have enjoyed living in El Cerrito for the past 12 years. I served on the Human Relations Commission for the city of El Cerrito, and learned a lot about how our city works. Now, with a 6 year old Kindergartner I am learning about our school and district. I am invested in community, and local efforts. I am interested in the role of Parliamentarian because I think that reading the manual is a good starting point in a new organization.

Lucas Menanix, he/him: Fundraising Chair

Statement: I am the dad of two awesome kiddos, Zoella (Kindergarten) and Ira (Preschool), and I love being part of the diverse Fairmont community. As a family who will be at Fairmont for 8 years, I am passionate about helping our school continue to bring improvements that help all students achieve. Being part of our School Site Council (SSC) this year has given me a great perspective into school funding and has further highlighted the importance of fundraising to fuel intervention programs, art enrichment, parent engagement, and community building. When I'm not building LEGOs with the kids, I'm leading projects as an engineering consultant and helping clients solve tough problems with data and creativity. As Fundraising Chair, I plan to bring a community-minded approach to events that serve our entire Fairmont family and highlight the strength in our diversity!

Adam Russell, he/him: Co-Treasurer

Statement: My family and I have been living in El Cerrito since 2015 and enjoy being a part of this community particularly as my son has reached elementary school age. I work as an analyst in the insurance industry though admittedly I aspire to work in project management based on volunteer roles I have taken within my organization as part of its developing customer experience initiative. When I make time for myself I love to read about a variety of topics and run on the trails all over the Bay Area.

My son Greyson is currently a first-grader at Fairmont. I can tell he's a lot like me: easy-going and fun but shy and somewhat cautious of situations. He goes to the aftercare at the Clubhouse and apparently today he won the Beyblade Tournament (beyblades are his current obsession). He enjoys outdoor activity once he's doing it but I suppose like most kids he loves his screen time (the current obsession there is Pokemon).

I'm running for a PTA Board position because I enjoy volunteer work and giving back to our community. I know from speaking to Kelly and others that there might be an opportunity to assist Nicole with the Treasurer position. In my professional career I have worked extensively with spreadsheet analysis so starting as Co-Treasurer would be a great way to apply my existing skills as I become accustomed to being on the PTA Board.

What I think makes me qualified is my history of volunteer work and current work on other Boards. I'm on the Board of the Pepperdine University alumni where I received my MBA and on the Board of El Cerrito Youth Baseball where I have also coached Greyson's team the past two seasons. I have volunteered at places such as a homeless shelter in Los Angeles and the literacy center run by the city of Richmond. What I find most rewarding in all these experiences is the relationships that you build and the sense of accomplishment in making a difference in other peoples' lives.

Janis Chun, she/her: Co-Volunteer Coordinator

Statement: I have a rising 1st grader, Grant, who started at Fairmont in TK during the distance learning year. We have really enjoyed getting to know the community and are so grateful to be back in person for Kindergarten. I enjoy meeting new people, making connections, and appreciate systems and organization. I helped set up the Kindergarten parent directory and send out a Kinder newsletter because I think it's important for parents to stay informed and engaged. I like to volunteer at lunch, in the classroom, and at school events! In my work life, I teach 5th grade science and am the 5th grade team leader. I think I would bring lots of energy and a helpful teacher/parent perspective to the board.

Kelly Gould, she/her: Co-Volunteer Coordinator

Statement: I have two kids at Fairmont, a rising 6th grader named Ila and a rising 4th grader named Lincoln and have served on the PTA Board for three years starting as the Vice President and now as President.

Engaging with families and students is what I find exciting and where I thrive. Along with my responsibilities as President I also managed our volunteer lunch/recess program this past year which recruited close to 50 names and averaged 2 volunteers a day. Teacher appreciation days, walk-a-thon, our recent block party -- are all examples of the kinds of events that bring our community together and that inspire me to continue to ask what more can we do. Our school would not be the same without our community, both from our Fairmont Families and our wider community in El Cerrito and Richmond. I would be honored to be in a position as a co-volunteer coordinator on the PTA Board and to start thinking about what's next for Fairmont Elementary for our 2022-23 school year.

Nissa Brehmer, she/her: President

Statement: We made the Richmond Annex home 16 years ago, and there’s no place I’d rather raise my son - creative & outgoing first grader, Jack. I am the marketing director for a parent-focused non-profit organization and a photographer with my own small business. Previously, I served on the board of our parent-run preschool (ECPC). I am an elected member of the Fairmont School Site Council and am an fierce and active advocate for our students at the district level.

In my second year on the PTA board, I've chosen to step down as Arts Chair and accept a nomination for President. I believe that Fairmont is an incredibly special place and if elected, I'll work to engage all voices in our unique school community with the best interests of our students prioritized. We are strongest when we are connected. Let’s do great work and have fun, together!

Kate Cheyne, she/her: Membership Chair

I am a proud Fairmont parent to a rising fourth grader (Mac) and rising first grader (Ruby), and have been a member of the PTA Board the last two years. Our family has lived in El Cerrito for a little over 9 years, and we love this city and our wonderful Fairmont school community. In addition to PTA Board duties, I am one of many parents nurturing a nascent Rainbow Families community at Fairmont - supporting our teachers in creating welcoming classrooms, advocating for resources/policies, and creating warm and fun spaces for kids and families who identify as queer or consider themselves to be allies. Expanding inclusivity, diversity, accessibility and engagement in our PTA membership and decision-making feeds our mission of improving school experience and outcomes for all and I'm excited to work towards this. I have a dream of someday having a pantry on-site at Fairmont, and that's because in my day job I oversee data analytics/research and community health/nutrition programs for a large Bay Area food bank.

Election Process

The current president conducts the election at the annual meeting after the:

  • Parliamentarian reads the bylaws sections pertaining to elections (Article V, Sections 1, 2, 4a, 4e, 5 to 8 and 11)

  • Nominating committee chairman reads the slate.

The opportunity to nominate candidates from the floor must be provided to members. If the PTA is incorporated, nomination by petition is also required.

The election is conducted by:

  • Voice vote, when there is but one candidate or the chair may say, “These named candidates are elected by acclamation.”

  • Ballot vote, when there are two or more candidates. The president appoints a teller committee to assist with the ballot election.

A majority vote elects. Candidates must receive fifty percent plus one vote to be elected. With few exceptions, a challenge to election procedures or outcome must occur at the election meeting. An election must be declared “null and void” whenever it is discovered the individual elected did not meet the qualifications for office as stated in the bylaws. For example, an individual who has already served two consecutive terms in the same position IS NOT QUALIFIED for election to an additional term in the same position. For assistance contact the district PTA, and refer to the California State PTA Toolkit.

Bylaws: President reads in absence of Parliamentarian

SECTION 1. Each Officer or board member of this Association shall be a member of this Association.

SECTION 2. The Officers of this Association shall be a president, executive vice president, _______________ (_____) vice presidents, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, treasurer, financial secretary, auditor, historian and parliamentarian. These Officers shall be elected annually with the exception of the corresponding secretary and the parliamentarian, who shall be appointed by the president subject to the ratification of the executive board.

***SECTION 4. ***a. Nominations for office shall be made by a nominating committee which shall be elected by the Association. e. The report of the nominating committee shall be submitted to the membership at least twentyeight (28) days prior to the annual election meeting. At the annual election meeting, additional nominations must be called for from the floor.

***SECTION 5. a. The privilege of holding office shall be limited to members of the Association whose dues are paid and who have been members of the Association for at least thirty (30) days previous to nomination.

b. Individuals who are current members in any PTA or PTSA school in good standing must pay dues to this Association upon nomination to office in order to qualify as members at the time of election.

SECTION 6. ***a. Only those persons who are eligible and who have signified their consent to serve if elected shall be nominated for or elected to office.

***b. Nominees for the offices of president, treasurer, financial secretary, auditor, or any elected Officer authorized to sign checks shall not be related by blood or marriage or reside in the same household.

SECTION 7. Election shall be held by ballot at the annual election meeting in May. If there is but one nominee for any office, the ballot for that office may be dispensed with and the election held by voice vote.

SECTION 8. a. No Officer shall be eligible to the same office for more than two (2) consecutive terms or hold more than one (1) elected or appointed office.

b. Officers shall assume their duties on July 1, 2022.

d. No Officer shall serve past the start of the next term unless elected to serve in that term. A person who has served in an office for more than six (6) months of a full term shall be deemed to have served a full term in such office.

SECTION 11. If an office remains unfilled after election, it shall be considered a vacant office to be filled by the board